5% Down Payment to $2,000,000 With 740+ MID FICO
  5% Down Payment to $1,500,000 With 720+ MID FICO

10% Down Payment to $3,000,000 With 660+ MID FICO


Loan Product Information Updated 11/01/2018

We provide one of the industy's largest product offerings for low down payment jumbo loans. Most of these products are available nationwide with the exception of Maine and Massachusetts. Some restrictions in NY.  These products have NO PMI and NO pre payment penalties.  5% Down Payment options available up to $1,500,000 will require a 720 minimum MID FICO with best rates offered with a 740 MID FICO score and loan amounts up to $2,000,000.

10% Down Payment options up to $3,000,000 are available with a minimum 660+ MID FICO Score for both full income loan type and our "no tax return" bank statement deposit loans for self employed borrowers.  See our page " Bank Statement/Self Employed Mtg" for no tax return options.

To receive a specific rate quote for your scenario please call, email or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. More details and guidelines are displayed below for your review.   When you reach out to us you will be contacting a federally licensed Mortgage Loan Originator employed with a FDIC bank with specific product knowledge. Bank Of England Loan officers on my team each have a minimum of 20 years experience in mortgage banking.  We look forward to finding a solution for your mortgage needs with the highest levels of service and communication. We are physically located in Colorado but as a FDIC regulated bank we are able to serve  borrowers nationwide with prompt, professional and efficient funding from our home branch.  We are ready to help!

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Additional Loan Details:
Not All Product Options available in all states. Rates, products, and product options subject to change.

  • Available for Purchase and Refinance Transactions Only to $2,000,000

  • Cash Out Refinance at 95% Limited to $750,000 loan amount

  • Primary and Vacation Homes Allowed (no investment property)

  • Property Type allows for Single Family Homes, 1-4 Units, Condo's, Town Homes -Attached, Detached or Semi Detached allowed.

  • Loan Terms Available in 30 Year Fixed Rates as well as adjustable rate  5/1 and 7/1 ARMs.

  • 100% Gift Funds Permitted if the gift is received from a Family Member on 95% LTV options with 740 MID FICO

  • No Major Credit Events permitted in prior 4 years at 95% LTV.  2 years seasoning allowed at 90%. No Major credit event seasoning at 85% Loan To Value.

  • PMI is NOT required

  • Unlimited # of Borrower financed properties.

  • Seller paid contributions limited to 3%

We provide alternative loan products for various purchase, refinance and cash out scenarios.  Interest rates are determined by loan to value, FICO score and income documentation type.

For a personalized rate quote or product questions please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me at the number below.  Please include as many scenario details as possible so we can be ready to discuss rates and options specific to your needs. 

Thank you for the opportunity - we are ready to help!  Not all products available in all states. Products, product terms and state availability subject to change. Please call, email or complete the contact for below  for details. THANK YOU!

John Peisner
Mortgage Banking
(303) 482-5983
NMLS #239185

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Please use the contact form below to share as much about your loan scenario as you would like. This will enable me to provide a timely written quote with loan terms, rates, lender fees and estimated monthly payments.  The more details you can provide the quicker and more accurately I can respond.  I'm usually available 7 days a week via phone for your convenience.  Please let me know how we can help!

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