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Rate Quote Summary

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a current and meaningful rate quote for your specific scenario.  There are many variations of our Self Employed Bank Statement loan and we will simply need specific data points to provide an accurate quote. Interest rates are predicated mostly on the down payment or equity along with the borrowers MID FICO score.  Other minor factors that will impact the rates would then be the loan type (refinance, purchase, cash out refinance) as well as occupancy type (Primary, Vacation Home, Investment Property) and property types.  

Below is a SAMPLE  rate quote summary you will receive in writing from us once we obtained the required data points for your personal scenario.  You can complete our contact form at the bottom of this page, email me direct or call me to share your data points.  I can usually provide a quote over the phone.   We are happy to connect via phone or just communicate via email until you are ready to chat.

Directly below is a sample of what you will receive from us IN WRITTING via email based on your data points. What you see below is not a formal rate quote but simply an illustration or sample of the data you will receive for your quote.   This will cover rates, payments, lender fees and provide a path way to apply for the loan if and when you are ready.  Farther below you will find our contact form or my phone number that you can use to deliver your rate quote request.  Thank you for the opportunity!  We specialize in helping self employed borrowers in obtaining financing with out requiring tax returns, 1099's or k-1s. We can offer most of our products in almost every state.  


Loan Details

Loan Type:




Purchase Price/Value:


Property Type:

Single Family Residence



Product Type:

30-Year Fixed

Loan Amounts:


Down Payment/Equity:




Doc Type:

Bank Statements




Loan Program and Loan Product Options


$400,000 Loan Amount | 20% Down | 740 FICO | 


Transaction Type

Loan Program

Loan Product


P & I Pmt.

Taxes & Ins.

Total Payment



Bank Statements

30-Year Fixed






Rates and payments are subject to change.  There is no pre-payment penalty for Primary Residences or Vacation homes; and there is no PMI.  Options are shown with just principal and interest but property taxes and property insurance are also required.


  • Non-Prime Loans will have rate buy down optiosn from 0.5 Points up to  2.5 points depending on your rate selection. 

  • These are added closing costs based on selected interest rate.  They are not an upfront fee. 

  • Points are due at closing with the balance of other closing costs 

Lender Fees Estimate:

  • $499 Processing

  • $1295 

  • $550 - $700 Appraisal Fee (actual Fee set by local appraiser)

Required Documents to Process Your Formal Pre-Approval:

  • Loan Application:

    • Click and Complete through our secure "apply now link"

  • Bank Statements

    • 24 months Business or 12 Months Personal Bank Statements;

    • Call to discuss best option for your situation.

  • 2 Years Self-Employment and Business Ownership Verification:

    • Possible options, but not limited to:

      • Copy of Business License showing both start date of business and current active Good Standing

      • Formal Industry-Type License (RE Agent; Contractor; Insurance Agent, etc.)

      • Articles of Incorporation or Operating Agreement (whichever shows ownership % of LLC or S-Corp)

    • Many options to satisfy this so please call to discuss.  (Need to provide third party verification of being self-employed for 24 months and business ownership percentage.)

Please email, call or submit the below contact form for additional information or for your personal rate quote.

John Peisner
Mortgage Banking
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NMLS #239185



Bank Of England Mortgage
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