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We have several paths to qualify a self-employed or 1099 borrower without requiring personal or business tax returns.

- The bank statement gross deposit mortgage will use 24, 12 or even 3 months of gross deposits as the qualifying income for a self-employed borrower.

- The 1099 Only Qualifier will use the gross 1099 earning statement instead of tax returns.

- 1 Year P & L options are available for both self-employed & 1099 contractors if it provides for more qualifying income.

- Any or all of these can be used for a purchase, refinance or cash out refinance on primary, 2nd homes or investment property.

-  Loan amounts available from $150,000 to $4,000,000+.

- Minimum Down Payment is available at 10% for higher FICO scores. 

- FICO scores allowed down to 600 but do require more down payment.

All of these options can be used for qualifying without tax returns. So those write-offs & deductions common with self-employed borrowers are no longer obstacles!

Yes!  We can offer a true "no income - no employment" verification mortgage.  In fact, this loan product we offer was development by the US Dept. Of Treasury for underserved borrowers & communities.  It's not the stated income liar loan of yesteryear because income and employment are left blank on the loan application. Nothing shown, nothing verified.  You will have to document your down payment but only with 30 days seasoning. And, gift funds are allowed.  So if you have a FICO score of 640+ and at least 20% down payment, its very hard not to get approved. 

- Loan Amounts $150,000 to $3,000,000

- Primary residence and 2nd/vacation homes only.  Investment property not allowed.

Borrowers with significant liquid accounts can qualify with our "asset only" or "asset depletion" home loan options. Again, no tax returns, income or employment need to be verified. We can use a variety of account types such as savings, checking, money market, retirement, 401k, etc.  There are even new options for crypto currency accounts.  A good rule of thumb is that if you have enough liquid accounts to pay cash for the home you probably have an option using an "asset only" product.  You retain full access and control of your accounts on these products. Typically this is a minimum 20% down option with FICO scores of 640 and higher.  Available for purchase and refinance. 

Yes! Investors can qualify with no income, no employment, and no tax return loans for investment property with a couple different options. Typically, plan on a very minimum of 15% down payment with lower rates available with 20%+ down payment. FICO scores 620 and higher will be eligible for purchase or cash out refinance. Investment types allowed are SFR, Condo, Condo-Tel, & Multi-Family  2-20 unit property.

DSCR - Or debt service coverage ratio, will be used to qualify the investor. If the home projects to show a positive cash flow from rents vs. payments then "income" is satisfied. Rents (short term or long term) are verified by existing rent rolls or by the appraisers rent comparable review estimate.

No DSCR - This variation does not require verification of a positive cash flow. Sometimes a deal is still a good investment regardless of monthly cash flow. This product will typically require 25% down payment and will carry higher rates vs. the cash flow DSCR option.

- These DSCR investor options are offered for SFR, Condo, Condo-Tel, and multi-family unit properties.   Investors only!  

Yes to both! We have a vast array of both hard money and bridge loans for the emergency situation.  We offer options through both private and institutional lenders. And, we can offer exit strategy plans in advance. 

Lenders take a long look at major credit events. However, we can offer some of our no tax return home loans with reduced seasoning or waiting periods from a major credit event.

Bankruptcy - We have no income, not employment no tax return options that only require the BK to be fully discharged. No waiting or seasoning!

Foreclosure or Short Sale -12 months minimum waiting period. No late mortgage payments in the last 12 months and credit event must have been resolved and not on going. 

Yes. And, Yes.  You get the best of both worlds with us.  We have inhouse funding options for you and we have access to over 50 wholesale channels that provide us access to these loan products. Our company ownership is gracious and allows us to simply shop for the best terms and lowest rates for you regardless of the source.  This is the true advantage of a mortgage company that utilizes both channels.  

Not necessarily. In fact, if you are a reasonably astute shopper, you will probably do better dealing with a mortgage broker who has access to multiple lending companies. Mortgage brokers do not add any net cost to the lending process, because they perform functions that would otherwise have to be done by employees of the lender. Furthermore, because mortgage brokers deal with multiple lenders -- in a typical case, 25 to 30, sometimes more -- they can shop for the best terms available on any given day. In addition, they can find the lenders who specialize in various market niches that many other lenders avoid, such as loans to applicants with poor credit ratings, loans to borrowers who do not intend to occupy the property, loans with minimal or no down payment, and so on.

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