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Bank Statement & Self Employed Mortgages

We say "YES" to Self Employed Borrowers!
We say "NO" to Tax Returns!
No Income Verified Option Now Available!
Rates as low as 3.00%*

We offer the most comprehensive Alternative Income options for self employed, high net worth and "stated income" borrowers. 
We can qualify off gross business revenue, asset accounts and No Income document products with out needing a tax return. My team of licensed loan officers have personally funded over $153 Million of "no tax return" loans in 2021 YTD and we want to hear from you today.

Please call or complete our contact form. We have the experience to understand your scenario and  provide the right product solution at the best terms available.

We can qualify self employed and 1099 borrowers with gross revenue bank statement deposits or 1099 only products.

We can qualify high liquidity borrowers with asset depletion, asset only and no income doc products.

Or, to simplify a complicated scenario, we have a true "no doc"  loan that omits income and employment from the application completely.   

In all cases, NO TAX RETURNS!

We have the  perfect mortgage solutions for business owners, self employed, retired and
w-2  borrowers. Call or email us today!

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$250,000 - $5,000,000.
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Product Updates 09.17.2021

As a US Domestic FDIC Bank we currently lend in all states except Maryland.
We have the nations largest product offering for "Alternative Income  Qualifying" mortgages.
We provide mortgage solutions with out requiring tax returns.
We offer true "No income No employment" mortgages for all borrower types.
Self Employed 12/24 Month Bank Statement Loan
Asset Depletion Loan
Investor Cash Flow Loan
1099 Only Loan 
One Year Tax Return Loan
Our product specialty and professional experience provides "out of the box" mortgage solutions.  

Available for Primary, Vacation Home and Investment Property
SFR, Condo, Attached Homes, & 2-4 Units
Available In All States Except Maryland 
Available For Purchase, Refinance and Cash Out refinance
Only available for Loan Amounts  $250,000 to $5,000,000 
Please Call For More Details!

No Commercial, Mixed Use, Construction Loans or Vacant Land Allowed

 $250,000 to $5,000,000+ Loan Amounts ONLY.

Not All Options Available In All States -Call or email for the latest updates!

If you are searching for personalized, professional and experienced help with alternative income loans then you have found your team.    Unlike most of our competition, we specialize in providing proven solutions to the self employed borrower.  We (John Peisner and Team) are dedicated to helping entrepreneurials navigate outside the traditional mortgage "box".  The common obstacle for the self employed is that after utilizing legal tax deductions the self employed borrower is left with a low AGI (adjusted gross income) and no longer qualifies for a traditional mortgage.  However, we can qualify you off  your bank deposits from gross business revenue (primary residence) or use true "stated income/no income" and we simply wont need or want tax returns, 1099's, K-1's or W-2's.

Interest Rates For Self Employed Mortgages-

We believe we can offer our borrowers the most competitive rate quote for self employed loans for two very important reasons.

1.  We have the experience and knowledge to identify the right loan product to match each borrowers unique scenario.

2.  We can offer you our proprietary self employed mortgage products AND we are approved to directly offer you WHOLESALE RATES from other banking leaders of self employed mortgages.  With the power of Domestic FDIC Banking and a team of self employed mortgage specialists, you can count on finding the best terms for your loan scenario.

How it works - 

In lieu of tax returns, k-1's, or 1099's the self-employed borrower can qualify with business earnings deposited into a business (12 or 24 months) or personal (12 or 24 months) bank account.  These deposits will become the base qualifying income in lieu of traditional income documentation. Seasonal fluctuations to earnings that are normal to a given business are expected and allowed. For Lease Option to Purchase transactions executed >12 months ago I can use the CURRENT appraised value. This means any appreciation in value between sales price and appraised value is passed to the buyer as equity or down payment and thus minimizing out of pockets costs.

Please take advantage of our collective expertise in this niche and share your scenario details with us.  I have one of the industries most expansive product menus and most experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to provide you a quote with ultra competitive rates.   BOE Mortgage Colorado is the nations trusted lender for the self employed borrower. We are physically located in Colorado but as a FDIC regulated bank we are able to serve  borrowers nationwide with prompt, professional and efficient funding from our home branch.  

$250,000 is the lowest loan amount offered and $5 Million and above is the highest loan amount offered on this product type as of August 25th, 2021.

For questions or a personal Rate Quote please use the contact form above or below, call us at
(877) 393-6207 or email me with your scenario details at

Myself and my team are often available 7 days a week.  Please call or email and if we don't pick up we will reply to your inquiry with same day service. ( John Peisner, Tommy Frangella, Christy Ault, Karl Wenzel and Heather Denaro.

John Peisner
National Sales Manager
Bank Of England Mortgage

NMLS #239185
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Offered  for loan amounts $2500,000 to $5 Million Only.
To best serve you we recommend calling or emailing for a consultation before applying.  Thank you!

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