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Self-Employed Bank Statement. Asset Depletion And Asset Only Qualifier. DSCR & Stated Income Mortgages. No DTI Ratio & No Tax Returns Required! Fast 7 Day Funding Available

We offer both "No Tax Return" and "No Income Verification" mortgage products nationwide for the self-employed, 1099 contractor, real estate/DSCR investor, retired individuals and asset only borrowers. 

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$250,000 - $7,000,000+ Loan Amounts.
We Provide A "No Obligation" Consult And A Written Rate Quote BEFORE You Apply. 

What makes us the right choice to be your partner for these loan products?

1. We offer the most comprehensive Alternative Income options for the self employed, 1099 contractors, real estate investors, high net worth individuals, retired folks and "stated income" borrowers. We are a FDIC national mortgage bank and we offer/fund these products "in house" as well as providing rate options for you with over 15  wholesale sources. With us, you will have complete access to all the market has to offer for alternative income products and at the best market rates/terms.

2. With our products you can qualify off gross business revenue, asset accounts or utilize our true No Income/ No employment document products without needing a tax return or w-2's. Regardless of your scenario, we will have the right solution.

3. You will be consulting with the most knowledgeable and professional team of loan officers for this product type. Please see our menu tab "testimonials" for our most recent reviews.  My team of four licensed loan officers  funded over $170 Million in "no tax return" loans in 2021 and we are ready to provide a solution for your scenario today. In minutes you will recognize our product knowledge, experience and sincere desire to locate the very best solution for your mortgage need. If you are still not sure we are the right fit please read our customer testimonials

5445 DTC Parkway | Suite 1200
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Please call or complete our contact form. We have the experience to understand your scenario and  provide the right product solution at the best terms available.

We can qualify self employed and 1099 borrowers with gross revenue bank statement deposits or 1099 only products.

We can qualify high liquidity borrowers with asset depletion, asset only and no income doc products.
We can qualify real estate investors with DSCR cash flow only products. 

Or, to simplify a complicated scenario, we have a true "no doc"  loan that omits income and employment from the application completely.   No income or employment is listed or verified.

In all cases, NO TAX RETURNS!

We have the  perfect mortgage solutions for business owners, self-employed, retired, investor and
w-2  borrowers. Call or email us today!

Product Updates 05.29.2022

As a US Domestic FDIC Bank we currently lend in all states.  

We offer true "No income No employment" mortgages for all borrower types.
Self Employed 12/24 Month Bank Statement Loan
Asset Depletion Loan
Investor Cash Flow Loan
1099 Only Loan 
One Year Tax Return or One Year w-2/1099 Loan
Bridge Loans For Residential and Commercial Property
Hard Money Loans
Our product specialty and professional experience provides "out of the box" mortgage solutions.  

Available for Primary, Vacation Home and Investment Property
SFR, Condo, Attached Homes, & 2-4 Units & Condo Tel
Commercial and Retail Options Available 
Use our product mix for Purchase, Refinance and Cash Out refinance
 $250,000 to $7,000,000+ Loan Amounts ONLY.

Not All Options Available In All States -Call or email for the latest updates!

If you are searching for personalized, professional and experienced help with alternative income loans then you have found your team.    We (John Peisner and Team) are dedicated to helping entrepreneurial's, investors and retired borrowers navigate outside the traditional mortgage "box".  

Interest Rates- We need to fully understand your scenario to provide you with a written rate quote. We understand every scenario is unique and therefore requires a personal service level and assessment. 

We believe we can offer our borrowers the most competitive rate quote for alternative income home loans for two very important reasons.

1.  We have the experience and knowledge to identify the right loan product to match each borrowers unique scenario.

2.  We have access to our own in house products as well as wholesale rate sources from over 15 banking partners thus giving you full access to what the market has to offer. 

For questions or a personal Rate Quote please use the contact form above or below, call us at
(877) 393-6207 or email me with your scenario details at

Myself and my team are available 7 days a week.  Please call or email and if we don't pick up we will reply to your inquiry with same day service. ( John Peisner, Tommy Frangella, Christy Ault, Karl Wenzel and Heather Denaro.

John Peisner
National Sales Manager
Bank Of England Mortgage

NMLS #239185
(877) 393-6207

Offered  for loan amounts $250,000 to $7 Million+ Only.
We are ready to help you TODAY! Please complete our form, email or call us.  

Receive your Quick Rate Quote by using the contact form below. Please share as much about your loan scenario as you would like. This will enable us to provide a timely written quote with loan terms, rates, lender fees and estimated monthly payments.  

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