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$332,000 - CA - Funded November 2018 | $352,000 - NJ - Funded November 2018 | $1,204,560 - CO - Funded November 2018 | $437,750 - NV - Funded November 2018 | $332,000 - SC - Funded November 2018 | $200,000 - IN - Funded November 2018 | $245,000 - MI - Funded November 2018 | $352,000 - NJ - Funded October 2018 | $332,000 - CA - Funded October 2018 | $336,000 - GA - Funded October 2018 | $463,500 - IL - Funded September 2018 | $725,000 – TX – Funded August 2018 | $1,520,000 – FL – Funded August 2018 | $329,000 – TX – Funded August 2018 | $324,000 – WI – Funded August 2018 | $250,000 – AZ – Funded August 2018 | $359,520 – IN – Funded August 2018 | $476,000 – IL – Funded August 2018 | $230,000 – OR – Funded August 2018 | $408,000 – GA – Funded August 2018 | $765,000 – TX – Funded July 2018 | $400,000 – OH – Funded July 2018 | $265,500 – CO – Funded July 2018 | $1,400,000 – SC, Funded July 2018 | $738,000 – NV, Funded July 2018 | $360,000 – CA, Funded July 2018 | $765,000 – GA, Funded June 2018 | $465,000 – PA, Funded June 2018 | $360,500 - AZ, Funded June 2018 | $281,500 – TX, Funded June 2018 | $504,500 – OR, Funded June 2018 | $265,000 – CA, Funded June 2018 |


10% Minimum Down Payment Primary and 2nd Homes 
 20% Minimum Down Payment For Investment Property 
Minimum $250,000 To $3,000,000+ Loan Amounts 

Available options in all states except Alaska and Maine. New York Pending*


If you are searching for personalized, professional and experienced help with alternative income loans then you have found your team.    Unlike most of our competition, 95%+ of my funding's  each month (John Peisner and Team) are for entrepreneurial's who need creative help in qualifying for a home loan.  The common thread being after utilizing legal tax deductions the self employed borrower is left with a low AGI (adjusted gross income) and no longer fits into the very small traditional mortgage "box".  We can qualify you off  your bank deposits from business revenue (primary residence) or use true "stated income" (investment property) and we simply wont need or want tax returns or K-1's. 

Please take advantage of my expertise in this niche and share your scenario details with me.  I have one of the industries most expansive product menus along with ultra competitive rates.  Additionally,  we serve nearly every state with these products because we are an FDIC chartered and regulated bank.  We provide this loan type for purchase, refinance and cash out refinance transactions.  I will be surprised if I don't have a product and rate that fits your need but if I don't, I will let you know what competitor might be able to help. 

Alternative Income Loan Products are our speiciality and provided nationwide from John Peisner and his team from the Bank of England DTC/Colorado Branch ONLY.  After reading this page and the product highlights below you may apply through our secure "apply now" applicaiton link, but often it is best to call or email me to discuss the best fit for your needs. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you secure a quick approval for your alternative income home loan.

John Peisner: 303.482-5983

Minimum Loan Amount $250,000 on all Alt Income Products

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Product Highlights

  • Self Employed borrowers can qualify with gross bank deposits using 12 Months business bank statements or 12 months personal bank statements. 

  • We also have a true "Stated Income" available for Investment properties only. 

  • Must be self-employed for at least 24 months for the bank statement qualifier. 1099 Contract employees OK too.

  • We can combine income from a w-2 borrower with a Self-Employed co-borrower to maximize income.

  • Minimum Loan Amount $250,000

  • Maximum Loan Amount- $3,000,000 +  Call for higher loan amount exceptions.  Higher loan amounts available.

  • 600 Minimum MID FICO score required - more details below

  • Purchase, Refinance and Cash Out Refinance up to $500,000+ cash in hand. Exceptions for over $500k cash out available.

  • Available for Primary Residence (10% down) - Investment (20% - 25% down) - 2nd/Vacation Home (10% down)

  • No Manufactured or Mobile Homes or Commercial Property

  • New Builder Homes OK but no "construction loans" or vacant land fianncig available.

  • Available in 30 Year Fixed Rate, 7/1 ARM and 5/1 ARM products.

  • Interest Only options available.

  • No Pre-Payment Penalties and No PMI for primary and 2nd homes including 90% LTV.

  • 10% down payment requires 660 MID FICO score

  • 15% down payment or greater requires 600 MID FICO score.

  • Special Product options for "lease option to purchase" transactions.  See below for more details

 For questions or a personal Rate Quote please use the contact form below, call me at (303) 482-5983 or email me with your scenario details @


How it works - 

In lieu of tax returns, k-1's, or 1099's the self-employed borrower can qualify with business earnings deposited into a business (12 months) or personal (12 months) bank account.  These deposits will become the base qualifying income in lieu of traditional income documentation. Seasonal fluctuations to earnings that are normal to a given business are expected and allowed. 

For Lease Option to Purchase transactions executed >12 months ago I can use the CURRENT appraised value. This means any appreciation in value between sales price and appraised value is passed to the buyer as equity or down payment and thus minimizing out of pockets costs.  

*Alt Income and Non Prime Loans available in all states except ME, MA, WY. (New York Pending) Loans in New York will be limited to only loan amounts over conforming or HB conforming county loan limits.  NY options on hold as of 9/20/2018. Should be back online ASAP.

For questions or a personal Rate Quote please use the contact form below, call me at (303) 482-5983 or email me with your scenario details at

I'm ussually available 7 days a week to help you find the best loan option for your scenario.

John Peisner
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Minimum Loan Amount $250,000 on all Alt Income Products

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Please use the contact form below to share as much about your loan scenario as you would like. This will enable me to provide a timely written quote with loan terms, rates, lender fees and estimated monthly payments.  The more details you can provide the quicker and more accurately I can respond.  I'm usually available 7 days a week via phone or email for your convenience.  Please let me know how we can help!

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